My final Presentation

I had quite a problem in the audio exporting process.  When doing the “Test scene” feature in Flash, everything, worked fine.  I was able to hear both the music and the vocal narrative that I had add to the project.  Unfortunately, after exporting everything to mp3 video, everything came through…. except for the music.  Needless to say I am a bit pissed off about it.  Nothing frustrates me more than spending an hour and a half trying to solve the problem presented to me, and being unable to.  With that said, here is my final presentation to you, minus the music.

South Park Animation Style Tutorial

As a fan of the Animated Series “South Park”, I always wondered how the animation was achieved.  In this video tutorial, the instuctor starts off in Photoshop, and then imports his work into Adobe After Effects.  I don’t ever see myself having the ability to pull this off, not to mention the instructor is not using Adobe Flash. However, he does utilize some of the same techniques that I had mentioned in my previous blog, such as the lip syncing.

Lip Syncing Animation Tutorial

One would think that would be next to impossible to use Flash to make a mouth move in conjunction with the words and syllables coming out of it.  This video caught my attention immediately, and I may just put it to good use one day down the road.  When broken down, it’s not that complicated: The clenched teeth can be drawn to lip sync a “C”, an “S” or a “T” sound.  A closed mouth would indicate an “M” sound, followed by the mouth in the form of a whistle would create an “Ooh” sound. Follow that with the upper teeth resting on the lower lip to create a “V” sound, and you could create the word, “Move”.

The Top 10 Best Cartoons created with Flash

One of my favorite cartoons, not really suitable for kids, is the Comedy Central animated series “Archer”, about Sterling Archer, a spy for the Secret Intelligence Service., who also is very socially awkward towards his female coworkers. So I was surprised to learn from this youtube video that it was created using Adobe Flash, as it used human models as references for some of the characters in an attempt to make it look as realistic as possible.